Residential Customer Resources
This page is designed to provide you with some resources for your irrigation and landscaping if you have purchased a new home from one of our builders or have recently had an installation by us. Maintenance and an understanding of landscape practices is key to a successful landscape. The information provided here is intended aid in that effort.
Irrigation Controller Manual
We typically use the Hunter Industries XC Outdoor controller for our residential irrigation systems. The manual covers programming and troubleshooting for your system.
Click below to download the manual for your irrigation controller
Irrigation Sprinkler Heads
There are two types of sprinkler heads on your system, spray heads and rotors. The spray heads are stationary and the rotor heads rotate. The manuals cover instructions for adjusting each type of head. It is not uncommon for the heads to periodically get out of adjustment, especially after spring start up. It is recommended to inspect the heads every month to ensure there are no issues.
Click below to download adjustment instructions
Watering Guidelines
Watering is probably the most important and least definitive practice in maintaining the landscape. Every landscape is different depending on soil type, grade, plant types. and shade. Add in weather and seasonal differences and it's nearly impossible to give blanket suggestions for watering. Once the landscape is established, periodic deep watering is preferred in order to stimulate root growth and establish hardy plants and turf. Overall, for our area, you should be watering your lawn about twice a week and shrubs once a week. With that being said, watering has to be routinely monitored and adjusted based on weather, seasons, probelm areas in the landscape, and what your neighbor is doing. There is no "set it and forget it" setting.
Click below to download the watering guidelines